The zip file (for all three versions: Windows, Mac, Linux) contains multiple folders and, for Windows, an fp2fms.exe file for execution. Mac and Linux versions will have a Run.Command file for execution.

You will need all the folders and files that unzip. Do not delete any files or folders. Once you unzip the file, all you will need to run is either the win fp2fms.exe or the mac/linux Run.Command file.

fp2fms is a self-contained Java package, which means it comes with it’s own Java Runtime support files. This is done so you won’t have to install any additional Java files to get fp2fms to work. If you have questions, email me at

If Dropbox shows you a bunch of individual files and folders, ignore them as they are all contained inside the zip file. All you need is the one zip file to download. Download the zip file, unzip it, move into the fp2fmsXX directory and run the fp2fms.exe or Run.Command file.


Below is the install fp2fms zip file, ver1.4, dated January 17 2021.


Below is the Mac install fp2fms zip file, ver1.4, dated January 17 2021.

Please note that you must ‘Allow Anyway’ fp2fms to be run as an unsigned and non-notorized app. You may see that various libraries (dylib) must be checked as ‘Allow Anyway’ to run. You will have to do this for all of the libraries and for the Java version that comes with fp2fms that your macOS does not trust until you ‘Allow Always’. If you need help with this please email me.


Below is the Linux install fp2fms zip file, ver1.4, dated January 17 2021.

File Run.Command instructions: In your file manager, go to Preferences->Behavior and set Executable Text Files to: “Run them”. Then you can click or double (depending on your Linux settings) the Run.Command file and fp2fms will start up.