Flight Plan To FMS

Welcome to the Flight Plan To FMS (fp2fms) program website.

FP2FMS is a file conversion utility. It will convert ForeFlight and SkyVector *.fpl files (flight plan files) into *.fms files for Xplane. The fms files can then be copied into the Xplane fms folder. All fms files in this folder will display on the Garmin G1000/530/430 and 737-800 CDU flight plan screens for selection to load in and become your active flight plan.

I am making fp2fms a free Xplane utility.

Shown below is the type of avionics “Glass” that fms files will work with in Xplane 11.

Above: G1000
Above: Garmin 530
Above: Garmin 430
Above: 737-800 CDU